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Working in the tech world, I focus on creating products and experiences that solve problems users didn’t even know they had, taking down barriers to entry and bringing people in. I lean into my empathy to drive creative problem solving in fast-paced, dynamic and responsive project-focused workplaces. I do this while leading teams, fostering a supportive, collaborative work culture to create inclusive, diverse and accessible products. 


In my previous life I worked in politics, and I had some amazing achievements, winning “unwinnable” campaigns. Yet the achievements I’m most proud of were the little things that I did to make my volunteers’ lives easier. Streamlining organisational processes for their on boarding. Collaborating with devs to groom our CRM back log based on user needs. Redesigning scripts based on user feedback. Little things that have now become national best practise. Those little things I continually did to make my volunteers’ journey frictionless were actually experience design.

With a decade worth of skill development and experiences across strategic roles from Campaign Management, Service Design, Product Management and User Experience Design combined with my passion for cutting edge technology, I love what I do for a living.

User Experience Design  Service Design Product Management

Business Strategy Creative Concept Development  Content Strategy  Writing 
Project Management  User Research 

Creative Initiatives                           

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About Me

About Me


Recommendations from colleagues and clients


Jo was awesome to work with! I learnt a lot about how to approach the double diamond process observing her approach to it. I trust her as a team mate and team lead.


- Monica Flores, UX Designer

Josephine was an incredible leader and project manager for our group. Not only did she keep us all on track but she checked in to see how we were feeling regularly and made sure we always felt supported. The project we worked on sometimes felt like a mammoth, but Jo made sure that we kept working towards it bit by bit and I am so proud of the end result. Jo has taught me many things but most importantly the value of a good project manager. 


- Alaine Thompson, UX Researcher

You'd be lucky to have Josephine on the team, she'll work around the clock to help make it the best possible product. 


- Dogan Sevik, UX Designer

Josephine is a calm, kind and efficient team leader - she makes everyone feel welcomed, valued and that they play an important part in the task at hand. She is a dedicated and detail oriented worker, as well as being bright and upbeat, and brings a sense of joy, passion, and calm, rational thinking to any task.

- Ellen Burgin, Communications Manager

Josephine is a breath of fresh air to work with. Her innovative approach, combined with deep curiosity, means she is a real standout.

- Clare Quinn, State Director, Australian Greens Victoria

I have known Josephine in a professional capacity since 2015 when I was first introduced to her training resources. Josephine is recognised as the leading community organiser for the Greens in Australia. Josephine’s capacity to develop needs-based resources for transformative learning is phenomenal. She is able to clearly and concisely conceptualise processes, and translate them into understandable chunks to effectively and efficiently train staff and volunteers. This remarkable skill, when combined with Josephine’s passion and charisma makes for an awe-inspiring trainer. The MP I work for recently described their coaching session with her as ‘life changing’.


- Rebecca Talbot, Community Organiser for Tamara Smith MLA 

Solving real problems.

Having fun while doing so. (1).gif
Blogs & Case Studies

Recent Blog Posts
Case Studies

A case study of my work at a fintech start up, where I used UX research to help develop a market for a green field product.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 10.21.48

Beanies for Vita

A case study on designing a gamified app to support healthy eating habits.


A case study on how we used different ways of thinking to create an ecommerce website for the Melbourne bookstore Readings for Kids.


Loosing a family member during Covid-19 was a strange experience. I've written some reflections on death and grieving, distance and connection. And how this brave new world world maybe had a positive impact.

Grandad's Funeral.png

Staff Poaching

A reflection on one of my proudest, and most frustrating moments in my career to date - getting my staff poached.

 - Coming soon


A case study on using product skills to succeed when you get the wrong UX brief.

Build app.jpg

A case study where we realised we made the wrong decision and pivoted from UX to service design and made our client very happy in the process.


A reflection on how cultures of asking versus guessing influence my UX practise.


UXing a Political Campaign

A reflection on how UX design was integral to my success in my previous work as a political campaigner, including discovery & research, prototyping and iteration, and tight user feedback loops.

 - Coming soon

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